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Conversion Optimisation


Turns clicks into sales

Want to make more money online? Then it’s time to take conversion optimisation seriously.

We are incredibly fortunate to share our studio space with the fantastic team at Footprint Digital. Footprint Digital is our official online marketing partner and we have been combining our forces for many years for the benefit of our clients. Our collaborative partnership generates fantastic results.

When assessing your conversion optimisation Footprint Digital will first research and assess to understand what your customers really want – what they really, really want! Using that knowledge we will work together to improve designs that will lead to more sales.

Page testing is then a great way to ascertain the most effective pages, in terms of conversion, on your website. Using multiple page designs and layouts, Google will randomly direct visitors to different versions. The results will show which page your target demographic prefers, giving you an understanding of which elements of the design and copy are successfully influencing their decisions.

We are also able to use tools such as heat mapping – a great way to monitor where your visitors are hovering their cursor and therefore more likely to click through rather than click off. Heat mapping provides insightful and accurate data, which can be used to further refine and improve your website design.

With the use of all these tools and techniques, combined with the data generated by Google Analytics, we can take your website to another level. The results will cause visitors to become customers – need we say more?

Come in and meet with Fever and Footprint teams and find out how we can help you make more money online.


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