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Best burger in CO

Closeup of burger

Every company has its unique ethos and ways, here we call it our Feverness. One of our weekly traditions, Burger Thursday, is often spent at Lunch by Lancaster’s in Sir Isaacs Walk. There is little doubt the search for the ultimate ‘gourmet burger’ is a popular trend these days, and Colchester has some fine options to choose from, including Burger and Beyond and Love Thy Burger.

However, there is little doubt in our office that Lunch takes the top spot. Paul and his team are constantly perfecting their menu, and the burger options are simply divine. However, they have now raised the bar!

Man vs Lunch

Do you think you can handle this?


Not only are they going to be open for breakfast this Sunday (Sept 20th). They are also going to be running the Man v Lunch challenge.

It’s £15 to enter and you have to eat this feast, and a pile of fries, to make the hall of fame! Failure means the wall of shame. The top 20 eaters by speed will make it on the leaderboard and they will giving out a prize at Xmas to the overall winner.

Are you up for the challenge? See their website or Facebook page for more details.

By Ben Green