Creative Colchester Launch

A few months ago, we were invited to pitch for a new project for Colchester Borough Council run by Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd and funded by the EU-funded SECCADS (South East Creative, Cultural and Digital Support) programme. The goal was simple – create a new platform for Colchester’s thriving creative community reflecting and supporting the diverse range of creative fields Colchester has to offer. Featuring customisable user profiles, job opportunities and event listings, the site needed to solve a number of problems while remaining accessible as possible for its audience. The solution was to essentially produce an amalgamation of Facebook & LinkedIn, with a dash of creative flair.

Over the next few months, we designed and produced workable prototypes that were shared with local creatives.  It was important that we built the site in conjunction with the wider community that it would be representing, both on an individual basis, and to support the many creative businesses that opposite throughout the town.

” The site really puts Colchester on the national map as a destination for creative services and opportunities”

Ben Green, Director, This is Fever


After a few weeks of hard work in the development department, we launched our initial draft site and encouraged select users to begin using and testing the site. Again, real-world usability was of paramount importance and after a few weeks of testing and minor adjustments, we opened up sign-ups to a larger user base. Testing and implementing user feedback is a constant, ongoing process, and we’re happy to be working in conjunction with Level Best Art Cafe to maintain the site and to assist with general usability issues.

After an initial soft launch, the site was officially served up to the public on 9th May at the Colchester Digital pre-conference event at 37 Queen Street. Alison Fogg, who oversaw the project from its inception, launched the site.

“ We have had a fantastic response to the website both from local creatives and organisations further afield who love creativecolchester.org.uk’s bold branding and brilliant visual impact, making it a platform which really shows off the wealth and breadth of creative and digital talent in Colchester.”

Alison Fogg, Project Manager, Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd


Creative Colchester will be an evolving passion-project for us, mainly thanks to the ever-growing creative community. We’re looking forward to seeing what doors it opens for individual creators within the town while establishing Colchester as a whole as a creative hub to watch in the UK.

By Rowena Leanne