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CSL 101

Alex looming over Jay's shoulder while he works on website

Formally I’m the Client Services Lead at This Is Fever. In short I’m Scrum-Master, chameleon, Senior Project Manager and Production Manager all rolled into one ball of OCD loveliness. As Client Services Lead I’m charged with managing all of our client accounts and acting as a representative for all of Fevers services. My focus is to maintain best practice, quality assurance, budget control and operational aspects.

What I love is that every day I get the chance to change a potentially chaotic and reactive work environment into a more structured and efficient one, being exposed to so many talented people every day, whether it’s colleagues or clients is a treat.

Within the Fever team I speak 6 different languages. Why? The simple answer is because I need the ability to interpret information to six different people at different times and that’s not counting Fevers clients. As a CSL it’s impossible to have the opinion that one size fits all. You need to be a chameleon. In my opinion you do not let your team work around you, you work around your team, and ensure that you apply corrective action that suits each individual project and team member to achieve the best results.

I believe in my team and know in detail the strengths of each team member and I use that to Fevers advantage. One of the biggest misconceptions in any business is to focus on weaknesses instead of building strengths. It’s a backward way to approach problem solving.

You need passion in my role (or to be extremely bossy). A CSL without passion is one that is simply, lacking definition. Your team need to have confidence that in a scrum, you have their back and will ensure you are taking them in a direction that benefits them all commercially and individually. I like to think of myself as the team mascot… I’m there to entertain the audience, but also there to distract them from the people behind me when needs be.

When it comes to following procedures, I’m Prince 2 qualified but I only leverage certain stages/boundaries that fit with a specific project. You have to be flexible. That said, competence, not qualifications, should be the most important priority when doing my role. It’s important to be resourceful and creative when faced with problems and focus on identifying the fastest and most effective way to resolve them. You can have all the certifications in the world, but if you’re not a do-err this isn’t the job for you.

Being aware commercially and using available time more effectively is where my role can have the most impact. I do this by ensuring the briefing process is faultless and work to present solutions to our clients and my team that can actually be achieved in the time available. So there you have it. If you want to be a successful CSL you need to be overly bossy, like to talk a lot…. and proficient in stalking.

By Alex Addison