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Life is sweet with the Sugar Doctor

Closeup of candies

At Fever, we’re big fans of food…and not always the healthy variety!

We’ve notched up a few healthy lifestyle brands over the last few months, the first of which was Green Contact Book, a healthy living B2B network. Subsequently, we’ve had an influx of healthy living brands such as Calgary Avansino and Up Your Matcha. We’ve learnt plenty of yummy recipes and even got to try some super-powerful matcha green tea, (the look on Mark’s face said it all).

Our latest introduction was to Andy Daly, aka, The Sugar Doctor! As a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, Andy is committed to understanding the inner-workings of our guts and specifically, the negative effects that sugar can have on our bodies.

Andy came to us with much of the brand in place, however we first spent some time fine tuning the aesthetic and developing a brand style. The bulk of the project revolved around creating a fresh new website showcasing Andy’s work, along with a few extras!

Alongside consultations, recipes and workshops, the site also offered us a chance to put our doodling to the test! Andy required an interactive infographic page showing various animated illustrations alongside facts, figures & information about the effects sugar has on your body, and, how we can improve our diets. Most of the illustrations were created using drawing tablets for that extra handcrafted feel, then animated using CSS effects.

We’re not sure if we’re ready to give up Curry Friday’s in the office just yet, but we’ve definitely gained a heaped spoonful of knowledge from the Sugar Doctor. Check out the case study for more!

By Rowena Bartlett