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Testing, testing, testing

fever testing harry

Over the last 6 months of my apprenticeship, I have learnt to appreciate just how important quality control is in the creative industry. Our clients entrust us to produce projects that give the best first impression possible, and don’t suffer from frustrating errors, usability issues or browser/device incompatibilities.

Quality control of a website can be especially time consuming, and I have realised as an agency its one area that really sets us apart from the competition. Pages have to be checked for layout issues, spelling errors, broken links, search engine compliance and usability – across multiple devices and browsers. I have learnt to approach this in a methodical manor, and also in a random ‘just try to break it’ frenzy, to ensure everything is just right before it is signed off.

Website errors can have a real impact on your sites ability to sell or promote your services or products. Website users expect a website to function perfectly and be easily navigable and predictable. Anything that interrupts this expectation can subconsciously have a real impact on the person’s perception of your business.

Once I’ve completed my testing I produce a comprehensive report that’s fed back into the production cycle so I can see all my research and snags rectified. It’s very rewarding.

By Harry Turton