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Discover who you truly are with our corporate identity and branding workshop.

A brand workshop allows key individuals and teams from your organisation to come together with our brand specialists to identify, articulate and define your company’s brand story.

We cover purpose, values, and positioning and other brand attributes. The result will be a heightened understanding of your brand with concepts and ideas that we as designers can turn into tangible, precise visual representations.

A milestone for your brand's story

The concepts include your brand’s personality, its core messaging and value propositions, and the overarching ‘big idea’ — the central concept around which an organisation’s strategy, behaviour, actions and communications are all aligned through corporate brand identity. Think of Apple’s “Think Different” or Nike’s “Just Do It”.

Who are the
workshops for?

In short, they’re for everyone. Our branding workshops produce results for all businesses, organisations or individuals — whether your brand is in its infancy, or undergoing a long-overdue makeover.

As brand specialists dealing with a number of small businesses and start-ups, we appreciate the thought of a detailed dive into your barely-formed brand might seem like overkill. However, covering this groundwork early on will give you a solid foundation on which to build your business and a strong corporate brand identity to help you stand out from the competition — essential in surviving saturated markets.

Conversely, your long-established organisation might experience unexplained issues that can often be solved by a deep-dive brand analysis, allowing you to see if your company’s values are misaligned with your visual identity, or have simply changed with a shift in business direction. Whatever the case, a brand workshop with a brand identity agency, like This is Fever, can enable you and your team to refocus your efforts and regroup around a new position.


Through a series of collaborative exercises, we develop a series of key statements setting out your brand positioning and values. We help you to define your audience needs based on established archetypes and build a picture of the opportunities open to you based on the results of the workshop.

The brand workshop culminates in a defining set of principles that form part of your brand report. We can then transform these concepts into a tangible visual identity including assets and guidelines as part of rollout support.


Our brand specialists have been helping brands articulate themselves for over 8 years and have developed a set of tried and tested processes to suit organisations at every stage of their evolution. To book a workshop, or to speak to someone about what options are available, contact us today.


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“...the whole process was professionally handled, from the initial branding workshop, the creative process, the website build to the launch.” Clara Seeger, Mindfulness Coach

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