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Pinning Down Your Brand Identity

Who are you? If a logo is the visual ‘art’ of a brand, how does a brand achieve its personality?

A common misconception is that a brand consists of a logo and some defined colours, but a brand is much more than that. It could be a smell, a taste or even a feeling. It might sound mad, but think about it… when you walk into a bakery, what hits you first? The name of the business outside or the smell of freshly made bread? There’s a reason why many of the bigger name brands have their own perfumes scenting their stores – it’s all in the finer details and sensory associations.

“We are impressed at the way you got to grips with our tricky brief.”

Andrea Bonner, Essex County Council

At Fever, our brand workshop has evolved from an open, unscripted brainstorming session to a well-considered programme of questions and interactive elements. We can take you on a journey of self-discovery, which can be both enlightening and rewarding.

In a fairly relaxed and informal environment — not to mention a decent supply of chocolate biscuits and quality coffee (!) — our workshop will begin with the placement of your brand, looking at brand architecture, building on the foundations of its personality, defining characteristics, core values, audience perception and self-projection.

The process not only helps us to understand your brand, especially for creating a logo, but it can also be a valuable exercise for clients. When the right questions are asked, with ideas and visions flying around the room, it can re-focus business owners and remind them of their original goals and ideals.

We can host one-to-one sessions or cater for larger groups. You do need to have an open mind and we try to encourage people to participate and enjoy the process. In larger group sessions, it can often be the workers that understand the brand more than the chiefs, so everybody’s input is vital to the process, whether it is negative or positive.

The knowledge you glean from this stage can be vital in the brand development process and is key to the creativity that follows. Without this information it would be a bit like trying to bake a cake without any ingredients.

Many of our clients have found our branding workshops to be a great brainstorming session for their own benefits too. Give us a call or drop us a line and let’s get together to make your vision a reality.

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