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Development is the foundation of your online presence, it's important to get it right.

Everyone and their grandmothers have a website these days, but it’s quality over quantity. Building a fit for purpose, custom website is essential for any business and we specialise in building websites that really work for you. Utilising up-to-date practices and technology, we pride ourselves on developing unique, functional and powerful websites that really pull their weight.

With the use of the content management systems, (CMS), we can create frameworks that enable clients to take control of their content, allowing the client to update their website when needed. With the help of written guides and optional training, Fever can talk you through the updating process. For those less inclined, we have some great maintenance packages to take the pressure off and allow you to get on with the day to day running of your business.


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“It’s been refreshing to work with such a creative and technically able team” Dawn Bratcher, Skills for Health

All our websites come responsive as standard. Not only that, we offer fully responsive design over adaptive, as no mobile or tablet are the same. It’s about usability and accessibility for the widest possible audience.

It’s not only important for your audience, it’s important for your business to. Over half of the total Internet traffic is now mobile, and in 2015 Google announced they would begin boosting ratings of sites that were mobile friendly. This had a big impact on businesses both big and small with some companies dropping search positions and losing their audience.

The Fever team put user experience, accessibility and optimisation at the top of any web development project.

With the retail market in its current state, more and more businesses both large and independent, are opting to sell online. But even the initial setup of an online store can be daunting, especially for first time online retailers. Fever have experience producing e-commerce sites for both independent boutiques and multi-million pound retailers, always prioritising the financial security of the client and its customers.

There will be times when we have to work with third-party developers and agencies to achieve the end result. These can include e-commerce platforms, payment gateways and events management applications. We’ve worked with a number of clients on complex integrated projects, challenging our existing knowledge and skill sets, enabling us to grow as an agency. No project is too big, too small…or too complex.


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