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Giving peace of mind with website maintenance and hosting services.

In an era where security, data privacy and technical compliance are becoming more and more important, your website needs to be in the right hands so you can focus your time on what’s important to your business.

We’re recognised, trusted experts with a proven track record in what we do. We’re passionate about stability, performance, Google compliance and proactive website management, enabling clients to focus on other important areas of their business.

Website Hosting

Many web hosting services are just that — a charge to ‘host’ your website, leaving the security and maintenance to website owners who may not have the time or technical knowledge to ensure the right level of protection is in place at all times. We do not resell ‘off the shelf’ hosting packages from third party suppliers. Our packages are crafted by our own developers and engineered for the best website performance and stability.

We are fully backed-up, and have disaster contingency and recovery plans in place should the worst happen, meaning your site’s security remains intact and paramount. We have a range of hosting options available and are happy to discuss what’s best for you, including tailored options if required.

Website Maintenance

When you’ve invested so much time and money in the creation of a website, it is essential that you don’t overlook the vital ongoing maintenance and security. Unmonitored websites regularly underperform in search engines, develop issues with usability and functionality, and — worst-case scenario — can be compromised by hackers and suffer other serious adverse effects. The cost to recover from these breaches can be an unexpected burden, not to mention the effect on your business and its services caused by prolonged downtime.

As your online business grows, you may find you need to make adjustments to ensure your site grows with you. Not to mention that failing to maintain your site and keep it secure leaves it vulnerable to the ever-increasing threat of cyber-crime.

These often random attacks have a few primary aims;

Spam — To hijack your website and use it for other means, such as the distribution of spam, viruses, or unwanted/illegal content.

Data Theft — To steal any customer or personal data stored on your website.

Data Ransom — To add ‘ransom’ demands or exploit financial transactions.

Just Because — To simply cause trouble, because they deem it an ‘achievement’.

Managing a content management system

Your Content Management System (CMS) will be frequently updated to patch security holes and functionality issues. Ensuring those updates are installed is incredibly important to the security of your website. We offer WordPress maintenance packages, as well as packages for lesser known content management systems.


The main influences to website vulnerability are:

  • Poor hosting security
  • Inadequate firewalls
  • Website software not kept up to date

We’ve created a range of support packages that will enhance and safeguard your website, leaving you with the peace of mind that your investment is being looked after by experts.

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