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Conversion Rate Optimisation


Turn that frown upside down...

Want to make more money online? Then it’s time to take conversion optimisation seriously.

Conversion Rate optimisation ( or CRO) uses current user data to streamline future customer experiences. The result is increased number of regular visitors converting to sales or signups. From the initial discovery phase, through to implementation and analysis, we can map out your ideal customer journey for smooth and efficient user experience.

We start with researching your client base; Who are they? What are the demographics? What brought them to you? We then start to look at typical browsing behaviour of these demographics and cross references against the existing design and layout. Using this as a jumping off point, we can start to build a picture of where users are coming up against potential roadblocks.

Through the use of 3rd party heat-mapping tools, we can actively track user behaviour and see what your customers are up to in realtime. Combined with data generated by Google Analytics, we can create a user journey map and start to implement design and development improvements

Sometimes, it may still be hard to really get inside your customer’s heads. With the aid of A/B split testing, we can test multiple scenarios and gather browsing behaviour, giving you an understanding of which elements of the design and copy are successfully influencing their decisions.

As behaviours change and evolve, so to must your website. We keep an eye on your progress and offer reactive solutions to solve both ongoing or ad hoc problems, working with you to keep your ROI growing, year on year. Drop by for a cuppa and find out how we can help increase your turnover online!


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