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Email Marketing


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Deliver you message straight to the consumer.

We bet you’ve done it…. Had an email drop into your inbox from a company you may have used or shown interest in, and you’ve clicked through to their website. You may not have thought about buying from that company that day, you may not even need what they’re selling, but if they’ve done a good job with their email marketing, we bet you weren’t the only one to engage.

Email marketing works for B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes, sharing messages using a cost effective, responsive and traceable system. The ability to track results and monitor which campaigns are most effective is marketing gold dust. Being able to learn which links are appealing and which are being ignored can help improve and refine future campaigns.

If you have a database of customers and prospective customers, you need to be communicating with them on a regular basis. Email marketing helps to make sure your brand is recognisable, increasing brand awareness, loyalty and trust.

Here at Fever can we can design, create and distribute your email marketing campaigns, guaranteeing that a polished and professional email appears in front of your targets. We can produce automated email systems that are sent from your company when a certain trigger is hit – i.e. someone doesn’t complete a registration process and you want to entice them back to your website. We can also provide branded templates and training, allowing you to manage your email marketing in-house in the future.

Whether you wish to send a monthly newsletter or an international marketing campaign, we can provide the right level of help and support to suit you.


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