Bear Creek

Brand Development & Illustration

Creating a universal, family brand

Adding some character and a voice to an exciting new attraction in Essex.

Bear Creek opened its doors to families in 2016. Owned and operated by the folks at Rivenhall Oaks Golf Club, it offers a unique adventure golf experience, taking players on a trip through the Wild West. The course itself was expertly designed by the good people at City Golf. However, they needed a fun and unique identity to enable it to stand out from the rest.


Bear Creek logo

The Bear Necessities

With much of the theme already set in place, we had the task of translating the course’s obstacles and features into a readily identifiable brand that spoke to both children and adults alike. We took visual cues from existing brands and institutions, such as the Scouts and the American National Park Service. To bring the brand together, we combined these elements with colours that are synonymous with both Native American and American Frontier history.

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Choosing the typeface

To represent the two themes, two contrasting typefaces were used. We wanted something that wouldn’t look out of place on a hand-carved wooden sign in the old West. We decided on a soft, hand-drawn serif style against a harsh, bold slab serif, both with ragged edges to further promote the handmade tactility.

These styles had to be flexible enough to use across multiple treatments, from signage and golf peripherals to local and large-scale advertising.

Bear Creek teddy
Bear Creek signage
Bear Creek flyers

“Thanks for the hard work on Bear Creek; the feedback we have received on the attraction and its branding has been really impressive.”

Simon Brice, Owner
Bear Creek signage
Bear Creek banner
Bear Creek map

The use of a mascot is a great way to personalise a brand and give it a friendly face in which to communicate, particularly across social media and advertising. Taking inspiration from kids cartoons and sports team mascots, we illustrated an original character called Oakey Bear to take on the role.

With any visitor attraction, it’s important all peripherals are unified across the business. We worked with City Golf to ensure the style of illustration was kept consistent throughout all collateral, both on and off the course.

Items such as score-cards, loyalty cards and children’s invitations were all designed in house, along with branded merchandise available to purchase from the gift shop.

Due to the success and popularity of Bear Creek thus far, the project is far from wound down. In fact, with a new website on the way showcasing the Bear Creek brand alongside its parent company, Rivenhall Oaks Gold Centre, we’re looking forward to seeing where Oakey Bear takes us next.

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