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A new brand and website for a unique recruitment venture, putting people first.

Cranfield Philips provides a service like no other recruiter or headhunter, with the primary focus being on financial services, but also working with other markets such as insurance and law. It was clear from our initial meeting with the company’s founder, Phil Toogood, that he is passionate about bringing a fresh and insightful experience to the world of recruitment.

Phil was looking for a brand identity that will carry his business forward and project his brand values and aspirations onto potential employers or those seeking employment. Over time, Phil hopes to grow his business and bestow his experience and brand DNA.

Our brand workshop is a structured but informal process, separated into categories such as brand placement, brand personality and visual identity. We try to keep the workshop relaxed and interactive, helping clients to better understand their brand, often leading to an enlightening experience for both parties. Ultimately we aim to put smiles on our clients’ faces.

It was clear from the start that Phil is a very influential and charismatic man who wanted to project himself as a leader – someone highly motivated with set goals and a strong will to succeed, but also somebody who cares and can help nurture people’s careers. Essentially Phil is the brand, so understanding him and his journey helped pave the way for the company’s brand identity.

Working on the brand values for the business, it was clear that people were at the very core of the brand and all the other values branched out from that.

The brand workshop not only helped us refine a brand narrative for Cranfield Philips, but it also helped Phil to focus on the direction and personality of his brand, which he found exciting and rewarding.

The visual identity section of the workshop covers the basics of colour and font perception, but we also like to use a series of images to help define the visual personality of the brand. This exercise gives us further insight, adding to the brand narrative, and helps us to design a more personable and unique brand identity. With all the brand “ammo” compiled into a report, we set up a mood-board as a visual reference to aid the design of the logo.

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The selected “Driver” logo concept was the most masculine of the proposed designs; heavily influenced by classic sports motoring with a distinguishing insignia being the main part of the logo. The “Driver” name suggests being at the wheel, in control of one’s destiny. The insignia is created from the initials CP,  developed from a script-based font, and combined to form a dynamic, sporting shape, confidently carrying the brand name.

The accompanying font ‘Canaro’ is a modern, geometric style Sans-Serif typeface with technical, clean lines, complementing the insignia’s dynamism. The logo was universally well received and set the tone for the brand going forward.

The colours have evolved from the basic selections in the brand workshop. The colour palette is a combination of cool blues, accented by copper. In short, the blues represent trust, integrity, tranquility, loyalty and intelligence. The copper derived from brown suggests grounding, stability, structure and support. The copper is printed in a metallic ink, adding a sense of value and strength to the brand, not to mention extra quality and tactility to the material.

With the brand workshop report, logo and business cards set up, we already had a clear direction of how the brochure website would be projected.

We wanted to make sure Cranfield Philips’ website looked high-end, with a nod to the financial services sector, but it also had to be warm and inviting for any prospective client or candidate. It was vital to get the balance right, with the focus on successful people and not necessarily financial success. As the main hub for business development, images of London had to be considered to represent the main work location.

We used images from various sources, including our own, but one source in particular that needs a mention is called Unsplash — a section of free beautiful, high-quality images by professional photographers.

The website was built in WordPress and turned around quickly in only a few days. Our developers and designers worked closely to ensure the approved site design was pixel-perfect and user-friendly.

Visit the Cranfield Philips website.

“You listened, you understood, you delivered. A truly magnificent team…”

Phil Toogood, Founder & Director
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