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A new brand of health & fitness

Green Contact Book is the brainchild of healthy living entrepreneur Grace Carter.

The primary goal was to create a centralised B2B online hub, allowing members to communicate and network, as well as manage events and provide access to media libraries. Members must fit within the specified lifestyle categories of food, health, beauty, fitness, media and home. Green Contact Book reached an impressive milestone of over 150 members within 8 weeks of the website launch. Now with over 1000 members, their users include The Daily Telegraph, Neom and Rebel Kitchen.

The client was very clear about what they wanted, with plenty of great ideas for us to work with. Our Branding Workshop was a vital initial phase in the brand development process, enabling our team to extract crucial information, understanding the client’s vision and absorbing their passion for the project.

Creating a Healthy Brand

As a start-up, trying to find a footing in an already crowded market of lifestyle brands, it was essential that we created a clear and solid identity that encompassed the website’s variety of sectors.

The branding began to take shape with the creation of the logo, colour palette and pattern system. We spent time establishing a library of suitable stock images for use within the website and across the client’s social media platforms and other marketing collateral. When it comes to building a strong brand – consistency is key.

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Choosing the typeface

An important part of any brand, although often overlooked, is the typeface. Green Contact Book wanted to appeal to both male and female clients and the typeface needed to be clean and clear, not only to suit the image of the company, but also to ensure unhindered viewing on mobile devices and smaller screens. The website would be frequently accessed by clients ‘on-the-go’ at networking events, so mobile viewing was a major consideration in this project.

green contact book logo swatches
green contact book pattern
Closeup of food

“I know at times we’ve probably driven you all close to insanity, but I could not feel any prouder when I present my website. It looks absolutely phenomenal. Huge gratitude.”

Grace Carter, Founder

We applied a clear, colour-coded landing page system across the site, defining each section individually to provide its own sense of identity.

The design was, of course, fully responsive and therefore adaptable to any device or screen size, retaining full functionality and layout.

Images were a key part in the Green Contact Book website and their associated marketing material. It was essential for images to appeal to their male and female audience, but also for them to be accurate when it came to promoting a healthy lifestyle. The client wanted to ensure that all images promoted an inclusive and welcoming feel.

The Green Contact Book website includes a newsletter sign-up function (a great tool for growing any marketing database). The client was keen to ensure their branding wasn’t weakened or confused when sending communication to their members and prospective members, so we created an e-mail newsletter template to complement their website design.  The design can be easily updated and populated by the client.

The Green Contact Book website development involved the inclusion of multiple functions and features, whilst remaining focused on the importance of mobile viewing and access.

The website boasts an integrated search system throughout the site. It also operates a tiered member system with free trial membership access.

There is a custom-built events calendar allowing members to post their events within specific categories, and we also developed a complex social network with notifications.

The creation of the media library required us to consider many different elements including confidentiality, time-sensitive campaigns, user control, access permission and more. This was a major part of the development project.

In conclusion, the team at Fever has created a complex website that delivers exactly what the client requires, whilst showcasing their strong and defining brand. We have successfully combined style and functionality and this exciting start-up business is already seeing the rewards.

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