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We cast our line out for a new fishing baits & leads website.

Taylors Lead Lounge are a family-run business who pride themselves on customer service and quality handmade products. Renamed and rebranded from T&T Baits, they hand-craft lead weights and produce their own special blend of carp hook baits and glugs. They also sell a variety of lead-making equipment, terminal tackle and PVA.

Now, anybody reading this who knows about fishing will know exactly what we’re talking about. When we were approached via our website, we didn’t really have a clue what these all meant at first, but experienced project manager Emma Taylor and her fishing enthusiast husband, Simon Taylor, soon brought us up to speed with their knowledge and understanding of the fishing bait world.

Taylors logo

With their combined experience, they had already successfully tapped into arguably quite a niche area of fishing through T&T Baits. Now with a rebranded identity they are looking to take their offering mainstream, keeping their roots in a family-run business.

With a new identity already created, we were given some brand guidelines and tasked with building onto the brand experience with a new e-commerce store, targeting fishing enthusiasts all over the UK. This wasn’t an overly saturated market, with competitor brands and websites looking outdated and uninviting. It was clear that, with the right direction, this venture would prove fruitful over time. Emma and Simon knew this, which is why they approached Fever to aid their efforts.

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“We’re so excited about the launch of our website, thank you for all your support to get us going.”

Emma Taylor
Taylors homepage
Taylors tablet design
Taylors mobile design

We recommended the powerful, comprehensive e-commerce platform Magento. It is undoubtably the industry-leading, open-source solution for most, if not all, e-commerce websites, and thankfully our dev team are proficient in its capabilities.

Following on from the sitemap, the initial design of the website followed a standard e-commerce structure, making it easy for users to explore and shop. With typography and colour taken from the brand guides, we knew the site had to feel fresh and mature compared to more stereotypical fishing brands which project an overwhelming sense of boy-racer masculinity.

But seriously, Taylors Lead Lounge had to have a wider appeal, for generations old and new. A family-centred brand.

After building the basic structure of the site, Magento was seamlessly integrated and thoroughly tested by all parties. We liaised with Emma and Simon to upload 50 core products, with approximately 350 variations. It is early days for Taylors Lead Lounge, but the site is already performing better than planned and generating lots of interest.

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