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Service Overview

Guiding customers digitally and converting online interest into sales.

You’ll want a site that conveys your character as much as your services, guiding your customers to find what they need, and converting their interest into a sale with the help of a digital agency.

Designing, building and developing websites brings together This is Fever’s many interconnected areas of specialist skills, including UX and interface design, web design, information architecture, and web application platforms. Everything we do is bespoke. We don’t use existing templates or themes.

What we do

As a digital creative agency, we use our strengths as an intuitive, close-knit studio to bring simplicity to all projects — from large, complex platforms to the humble brochure site.


We cover:

  • Website design & development
  • Digital product design & web applications development
  • Web-based & hybrid app design & development for iOS & Android
  • Web workshops & CMS training
  • Website maintenance & support
  • Hosting & email support

What we don’t do

For the sake of clarity and openness, it’s equally important to talk about what we don’t do as a digital agency at This is Fever. While there are many great tools out there for getting online easily and quickly, they often deliver compromised results. Pages won’t be built for purpose, your business will be shoe-horned into a style that’s off-brand and, in most cases, the website won’t be fully secure.

All industries have varying scales and standards, and in web development you must be careful of a lesser product being passed off as something more. The openness and availability of the web is a great thing, but it’s important to know that your ‘bespoke’ site really is bespoke, with all the benefits that brings. As a trusted digital media agency, we are fully transparent about our processes so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

We don’t use existing templates or themes

While many of these platforms have brought web design to the masses, they can be unstable, inflexible and unreliable on mobile. They often also make it difficult for 3rd parties to implement SEO and other optimisations. We only build bespoke websites tailored to the visual and technical requirements of the individual client.

We don’t run away after the build is complete

We offer a number of maintenance and hosting options to ensure security and website integrity is maintained, but also to assist in making any post-launch tweaks as and when they arise.

“You created an extension of my persona, which I never imagined possible“ Andy Daly, The Sugar Doctor

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