About Us


Mixing bold, progressive ideas with methodical, practical processes.

You’ll be looking for a mix of creative and technical minds who can turn your online world around. Formed in 2013 and based in the heart of Britain’s oldest recorded town, we solve problems and elevate brands through a process of discovery and exploration.

What we believe

Ambitious clients require a more holistic, enquiring approach to their brand and online presence. As one of the region’s leading creative agencies, we nurture long-lasting relationships with clients and their brands, generating results through influential design and digital innovation.

In a world of vending machine design and off-the-shelf digital products, we help define your organisation’s purpose through insightful, authentic creative work and technical innovation.

This is what we do.

Our values

Be open, honest & personable
Empower through insight
Cultivate lasting relationships
Progress through self-mastery
Craft with passion and purpose
Work smarter, prepare and be pragmatic
Respect client brands like our own

Framework for success

At This is Fever, we try to implement a linear framework even if the process itself is organic. We never get complacent; always challenging and improving our processes and workflow, reassuring better outcomes and delivery.


Our first phase is all about you – what you do, why you do it, and who it’s for. Together we’ll discover the vision and objectives of your project while determining its initial scope of opportunities and planning our approach.


We channel the natural creative flow of idea generation into initial design roughs and asset planning. We design with purpose, energy, and technical ability to craft rewarding and engaging user experiences.


Through clear communication, this collaborative stage focuses on refining and polishing the initial concepts and prototypes to achieve the vision and aims of the project.


We give you the assets and the power to control your project and curate its projection, and we will never leave you hanging. Our retainers ensure we’re on-hand to support the sustainability and consistency required to ensure that stakeholders and staff alike are well-prepared to take the brand forward.

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