Graphic and digital design begins with an idea. A simple spark that can live long in the memory. An idea that can influence people’s buying behaviour, ignite a sense of belonging and creates that perfect first impression.


Your brand is more than just a logo. It conveys to the world who you are and is the embodiment of your values and goals. It’s vital to get the perception of your brand right, especially in the eyes of your customer. Our range of brand design services can help you do just that, making your brand a beacon your customers will follow and trust.

Logo design

Your logo design is the face of your business. It is what your clients will associate you with and the first thing potential customers will identify you by. It’s essential that within a glimpse, it represents who you are and conveys what you do. Our team of graphic designers will create a logo that’s perfect for you. A logo you’ll confidently display above your shop front or atop your website. A logo you and your team will wear with pride.

Brand workshops

A brand workshop is an opportunity to unlock your brand’s potential and to uncover ways in which your business can better develop, grow and compete. We’ll deep-dive into your business and discover all the things that make you, you. We’ll encourage you to reflect on your company in more detail than ever before so that we can gather the vital insight needed to enhance and improve your brand.

Visual identity design

Your visual identity is all the visual components that make up your brand. From your brands colour palette to the style of imagery you use in your marketing, with so many visual elements to control, consistency is key. Over time, this familiar repetition will reinforce your brand and help you live long in the mind of your customers. We can make your brand more consistent and identifiable.

Brand development

As your business grows, it’s essential that your brand stays relevant and reflects the current marketplace. However, through no fault of your own, uncontrollable factors can lead to your brand becoming outdated. A brand refresh is a well thought out tactical manoeuvre where we identify the areas where much-needed change can inject new life into your brand and business.

Brand guidelines

A brand guideline is essentially a rule book on how to use your brand. It sets your brand standards and expectations to the internal and external people following it. From rules on how to position your logo to guidance on what colours to use. Our detailed guides will help you build a consistent and memorable brand across all your marketing materials.

Brand personas

Every piece of messaging and communication you have with your customers tells them a little something about you. This is your brand persona – a collection of human-like traits and values that your brand showcases to the world. It needs to resonate with your customers and be something they trust and choose to associate with. We will help you find exactly who you are and supply you with the tools to connect you with your audience.

Brand strategy

A brand strategy is a definitive summary of who you are, where you want to be, and how you will get there. It includes your company’s core DNA, brand messaging, and visual identity. Your brand strategy will serve as the perfect tool to forge a unified vision across your entire business. It will also unlock the path to growth by better aligning you with your customers and helping you engage with those soon to be.


A Stylescape is similar to a mood board, except it’s more focused on a consistent visual approach. It allows us to gauge your reaction to different creative directions and to test the water with you early on. Working collaboratively with you, our designers will gather research and inspiration, pairing them down into one concise visual direction that will form the framework for developing your brand’s visual identity.

Digital design

Digital design is where we fuse traditional graphic design principles with modern methods to achieve award-winning websites and digital products. Our creatives design with functionality and user experience firmly in mind and are well used to working with all the fun and exciting forms digital design can take.

Website audit

A website audit is a review of your website based on a number of key performance areas. Experts analyse and review your site with the view to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance optimisation.

Website design

On the surface, our websites are on brand and easy on the eye. However, there is a lot more to it beneath the code. We design bespoke websites unique to your requirements and tailored to meet the needs of your customers. We’ll start by mapping out your site and planning the optimal journeys that will convert your site users into buyers and page visits into a meaningful interaction.

Ecommerce design

We design award-winning Ecommerce websites. We pride ourselves in understanding your customer’s buying habits and in designing natural online shopping environments akin to your customers browsing around their favourite high street shop. It’s these naturally intuitive digital environments that turn clicks into sales and turn site visitors into happy customers who’ll come back to buy more.

Platforms & apps

We embrace the increased demand for designing and building apps and innovative digital platforms. Whether it is a product or service-based app, our designs are perfectly fit for purpose, and our intuitive designs are easy for users to interact with.


Make the right impression with your slides. Our designers can create slide decks and presentation templates that display your messaging in visually engaging ways.

Motion graphics

At This is Fever, we have a specialist team of motion graphic designers and animators to help create stunning animations and motion graphics for our clients, whatever their digital, social, and marketing needs are.

Email signature

Your email signature says a lot about you. Like a business card, it contributes to a first impression and gives your recipients key information about who you are. For this reason, it is vital your email signature sends the right message. Our designers can work with your brand guide or create something from scratch that lets your email recipients know who they are talking to.

Web workshops

Our approach to website design always begins with a workshop. Through open discussion, we will gather vital information which will form the beginnings of our strategy. Our collaborative approach helps us map out the initial structure of a website and the discoveries we will make during the session will contribute significantly to the end product’s success.

Graphic design

Despite living in a digital age, graphic design is still vital in making long-lasting impressions. Done right, even a simple flyer can gauge enough curiosity for a closer look. From high-street signage to high-end brochures, combining design with print can enhance your brand’s communication and make a significant impact.

Brochure design

There is nothing quite like the tactile feel of a beautifully designed brochure that’s printed on the perfect stock. In the world of all-things-digital, a printed brochure can help you stand out. We design brochures with strong imagery and well-executed typography that will keep your readers reading on.

Signs & wayfinding

Whether it’s high street signage or helping guide visitors around a museum, purpose and functionality, take centre stage in our signage design solutions. Our designs help navigate people through environments and enrich and heighten the experience along the way. We’re also skilled in developing signage designs to help you stand out on a crowded high street or at a cramped exhibition.

Packaging design

We design creative packaging that will help you win the fight for shelf domination. We get a real buzz achieving packaging concepts that engage shoppers to pick up your product over the competition, helping you boost your sales and increase brand awareness.

Business stationery

We’re experts in the art of saying hello. Business cards and promotional leave-behinds can create a lasting impression when meeting prospective clients. When done right, it can live long in the memory, gain recognition, and raise brand awareness. Attention to detail can go a long way in print design; even if your logo appears on a pen, the choice of pen and how it feels can say more than you know.


Sometimes illustrations are the best way to tell a story. Whether you want to inject some personality into your content or simplify a complex message, high quality custom illustrations are an excellent addition to digital and print media.

Creative campaigns

A creative campaign is a big marketing project that aims to achieve a goal. This goal might be to increase sales, launch a new product or simply raise brand awareness. The best creative campaigns are versatile and can be rolled out across lots of collateral. Depending on your target audience, your campaign might feature posters and billboards, digital signs, social media and email marketing.

Editorial & book design

Be it creating a captivating piece of editorial design or an engaging book jacket; we will design the perfect visuals to represent your story. Our creatives can identify the perfect font to match the tone of your story and can bring your words to life through bespoke illustration and image creation. If you’re looking for ways to further enhance your written masterpiece, our editorial graphic design team are here to help.