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Established in 1956, Lighthouse Club are a charitable organisation providing financial and emotional support to those in the construction industry.

Lighthouse provides a 24/7 construction industry helpline for the industry’s workforce and their families throughout the UK & Ireland. Their primary goals are to assist those in crisis within the industry, such as those experiencing financial hardship and/or suffering from industrial accidents and mental health issues. As such, it was vital that the new site emphasised and streamlined the membership and donation processes, along with promoting the helpline at every opportunity.

Having recently undergone an extensive brand refresh, Lighthouse wanted to reflect this new, polished look with a clean, responsive website that enabled better cohesion with its many sub-brands, regions and charity events.

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One of the site’s main considerations was conversions, particularly for support and memberships. We took a look at the current user journey and looked at ways of improving the placement of specific calls to actions. It was important to place focus on both the helpline and becoming a member.

The Lighthouse Club consists, in part, of many smaller regions in which individual clubs operate. Each of these regions needed their own centralised hub of information. It was vital that each region page pulled all relevant news, events and contact information into one place. We created a category system to automatically group associated content together, making life much simpler for the client.

An issue that had been raised during the briefing stage was the need for an accurate search facility for local clubs and regions. Certain clubs operated over specific geographical regions, as opposed to a fixed distance radius. We achieved this by utilising the Google Map API by injecting a custom map file into the code. Using the Google MyMaps tool, we were able to draw areas on the map with coordinates before styling accordingly, and then highlighting the specific regions using map coordinates.

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“Fantastic! You provided advice and guidance throughout the process, and the result is a website that does our charity proud.”

Michelle Finnerty, Marketing and Communications Executive
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