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The Fever Squad

Meet the team who fan the flames

Ben Co-Founder & Director


I bring 17 years’ experience in marketing, events, branding and communications. I started out as a developer and have since collected many disciplines under my belt. I’m passionate about my team and make it my goal to ensure they achieve the best results.

I like to think of myself as a well-seasoned strategic leader, with the ability to help run and manage an effective, successful and culturally aligned creative agency.

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JD Honey

Will Co-Founder & Commercial Director


As Commercial Director I’m tasked with the job of leading Fever through the commercial landscape. This means overseeing product development, identifying new market opportunities, determining optimal pricing to balance profit with customer/client satisfaction and directing marketing operations.

I hold Fever’s hand in a consistent trajectory of growth, while avoiding obstacles that arise from a constantly shifting market.  I’m passionate about success through exceptional service delivery and am a firm believer in creating the future, not managing the present.

Alex Client Services Lead


They call me Whiplash – I manage forcefully, directly and honestly… like a whip being cracked!

I am the Client Services Lead at Fever. I bring over 15 years of Project Management experience within financial, creative and broadcast services. For me project management success is as much about leading people as it is about managing tasks, events and processes.

I manage our client and team needs in parallel and ensure that perfect harmony is reached so that as a team we can focus on delivering practical, measurable and beautiful results in all we do.

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Sam Financial Controller


I’m the sensible one. I’m very enthusiastic about accounts! I have extensive experience and a wide level of general responsibility for monitoring and reconciliation of company accounts. I’m a strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills, knowledge of KPI reporting and assisting in the production of monthly management accounts.

I work hard to ensure Fever’s finance function is well organised and efficient. I’m a great problem solver, sociable and confident, a timeless multi-tasker and incredibly reliable with IT and Office software packages. With the aid of The Archers my role at Fever is enjoyable and forever challenging.

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I’m the bookkeeper
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Mark Creative Director


I have around 15 years experience as a graphic designer, working with both local start-ups and global brands, preceded by six years studying art and design, covering many disciplines. I’m responsible for overseeing the creative in the studio and tone of your brand. Yes there can be hurdles, but as the creative lead my purpose is to ensure a design is perfectly articulated to make your brand engaging and successful.

Brand identity, typography and art direction are the most rewarding parts of my job. I continuously think of ways to improve client material, not to mention our own. It’s one thing to specialise in a certain area of the industry and certainly knowing your subject inside out is essential, but maintaining good peripheral vision is a must too.

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Rowena Designer


I’m a graphic designer with over 10 year’s experience in illustration, mobile and interactive design with a natural affinity for the weird and wonderful. I take inspiration from a profound love of music, movies and video games, particularly album artwork, theatrical posters and character design. My work with interactive design has lead me to illustratively contribute to some awesome apps and games, increasing my knowledge of development and animation in the process.

Coming from a creative family, I have been surrounded by many artistic disciplines such as photography and traditional illustration. As such, the creative process comes naturally to me and I am able to adapt and learn new skill sets as and when required. I devote much of my time to seeking out the latest trends, styles and standards along with evolving my existing skills and building new ones along the way.

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Jay Technical Director


I spend my time at Fever hand-coding virtual destinations (some may say websites…). It’s my job to take your vision (along with the designers) and bring it to life as a fully functioning website that is a breeze to use on all types of modern devices. Using the incredibly flexible WordPress platform, I build sites bespoke to your requirements and to the pixel perfection of the design team.

I created my first site when I was 12 years old and 10+ years later I still love what I do. Much has changed in that time but being able to learn/use new technology and techniques almost indefinitely is great!

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Harry Research & Social Apprentice


I’m in charge of Research and Social at Fever. I work on our client’s pages to promote companies through social media platforms like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I have inspiration from every area of the business, from graphic design and image editing to complex development.

I spend my days researching social trends and writing research papers for my team to assist them in meeting preparation and decision-making. I’m learning so much so quickly and look forward to my future with Fever.

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