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First impressions count; every brand has the power to influence.

Your brand and visual identity communicate with your customer base on your behalf, so it’s vital to be consistent in your visuals and your messaging. A brand directs every aspect of a business’s identity and your logo distils and represents your brand in its simplest form — as a visual mark.

More than
meets the eye

The identity of a brand is perceived to be all that is communicated aesthetically and otherwise. A person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organisation is fundamental to its success. Design is a vital, creative tool used to represent a brand’s identity, helping to drive its perception and encourage its distinction from others.

To put it into context; a brand is the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole, imagine it as a vast glacier with many facets and great depth beneath the surface. Therefore, a logo, which identifies a business in its simplest form such as a mark or icon, is just the tip of the iceberg for a brand design agency.

we discover, collaborate and improve upon

Taking part in a brand workshop with a professional branding company unravels what you do, how you do it, and fundamentally who it’s for. As we get to know you, your brand and your market goals, challenges can be revealed and opportunities spotted. Our creative team immerse themselves in your world, bringing your visual identity and brand voice to life, ensuring it not only looks good but engages your customers.

"You listened, you understood, you delivered.
A truly magnificent team…." Phil Toogood, Founder & Director Renao Club

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