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Clarity and Consistency is Key

Continuity throughout your business helps to ensure it remains memorable.

You’ve had a branding workshop and defined your principles with a clearer vision of your brand personality. You have a beautiful, clever logo that conveys your brand identity. Now you need others to take control of your brand’s projection, whether that’s internal team members or outsourced businesses. This is where brand guidelines come into play. No matter what size your business is, some pointers on how to use your logo, what colours are required, and what fonts you should use in your communications will ensure your brand remains professional and effective at all times.

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What are brand guidelines? 

Essentially, brand guidelines are a set of rules that explain to you, and anyone else who reads them how a brand works. They can also be referred to as a ‘style guide’, ‘brand book’ or ‘brand standards’.

Within a set of standard brand guidelines, you’ll typically find useful information relating to brand personality and visual identity. Areas such as a statement of vision and an overview of company values contribute to a brand’s emotional message. Standard visual references include how a logo should be used, covering areas like size, position, colour and spacing. Other visual references can cover typography and colour palettes.

Depending on your needs; a more extensive set of brand guidelines may support more in-depth requirements such as page layout and grid systems, editorial guidelines, copywriting style, signs and display specifications, website information and social media applications.

Why are guidelines important?

A style guide allows your business to remain consistent, even when it’s being managed by multiple contributors or staff members. It ensures you’re always conveying the same clear, cohesive corporate ethos and visual style throughout all your work and published material. This greatly enhances customer perception, as well as how effective your branding will be overall. When it comes to building a great business, brand consistency truly matters.

Brand guidelines also help to avoid any confusion when you’re looking to expand your company or bring new staff members on board. Although you might know your brand like the back of your hand…that can’t be said for everyone else.

In a nutshell, brand guidelines help maintain a clear and consistent use of a brand’s values and visual identity which can be easily followed by others. You spend less time micro-managing the brand and more time growing your business. If that sounds appealing, get in touch.

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