Logo & Brand Identity Design


Company character building through visual identity and graphic design.

When it comes to a brand’s visual identity, we balance free-form, creative thinking with systematic, linear processes to give you a dynamic, incisive overview from the start.

Focusing on the bigger picture, and finding meaning before getting into the finer details of design, always leads to better outcomes. Brands that convey a purpose resonate more with audiences, particularly those eager to align their own values with the brands they buy into.

Crafting a brand's
visual identity

Arguably a brand identity design can be a culmination of many things to stimulate our senses. Sight, sound, touch, smell and even taste can be associated with a brand. Its behaviour, environment, and communication — whether through a product or service — are attributed to a brand’s identity.

As designers, we use image and type to help craft a brand’s visual identity into a stimulating experience to trigger thoughts and feelings. The implementation of this is essential to its delivery and sustainability.

From multi-layered corporate identity systems to a single logo for a start-up business — our approach to create a brand’s visual identity can include:

  • Brand Story
  • Brand messaging
  • Logo design
  • Flexible identity design systems
  • Internal branding structure and strategy
  • Brand standards and guidelines

Keep it fresh

To look current and relevant in the eyes of your customers, organisations and businesses should update or refresh their brand every 7-10 years. However, if you’re having a brand identity crisis right now, there are a number of factors to take a look at…

Sometimes in a small start-up, when funds are tight, a weak identity can be the result of a lack of initial investment to get it right. As your business grows, and your brand receives more exposure, you will definitely need to invest more time and attention in your brand’s story, visual identity and message — this can be anything from a refinement of your existing brand, to a larger evolution of your brand strategy. If you’re looking for more of a deep-dive into your brand’s core identity, we’d recommend taking a look at our branding workshops.

Similarly, if your business has expanded its range of services and products, your visual identity will need to expand with you. There are a number of avenues you can take — from branded house strategies to flexible identity systems — and we can talk you through the options to determine which course of action will suit your scenario.

“I opened the draft and thought – that is f*****g fantastic. I love it. It’s perfect” Sandra Blüm, Lycogel

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