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It can be difficult to condense everything your business is into a single logo. Let the professionals handle it.

An in-depth understanding of exactly what makes a brand is paramount. A common misconception is that a brand consists of a logo and some defined colours, but an identity is much more than that. It’s your brand’s visual language and how it’s communicated through various platforms. An identity is an amalgamation of language, tone and style, along with defined usage of colours, fonts and imagery.

“We really love the new clean fresh look. You are quickly becoming legends in our business.”

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We create branding that adds strength and value to your business, clearly defining or redefining your desired identity. We light the fuse by researching and interpreting the needs of you, the client. Where possible, we always look to establish early on what makes the company tick and what personality the key team members hold.

We also take into account your demographic and current client base, while being inclusive of any potential appeal from outside groups. We seek to understand your customer perception, identifying areas of strength and weakness.

Idenity is all about defining and refining further still. Based on your feedback we take our initial ideas and begin to pinpoint your brand’s core message. We begin to evolve the brand’s style, showing its potential application.

Even after we’ve nailed the brand, the work doesn’t stop there. We start to establish some rules for the brand style and application and provide concise usage guides to ensure consistency is maintained throughout.

Many businesses have to be flexible due to company structure or demographic appeal, so it’s important to be versatile and inclusive with your identity. This can include developing the use of a flexible logo system or implementing flexible styles to accommodate parent and subsidiary departments within a single company.

So, if your existing brand is concerning you or you’re starting from scratch, get in touch. We’d love to learn more about your business and your requirements over a cuppa.

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