Brand Refresh

Redefining a brand identity

A brand refresh is just that; a reconsideration of your position in the marketplace.

Perhaps you have a well-established and successful business, but your brand identity might be tired and outdated. Influences such as a change in demographic, technology or location may also be reasons to consider updating your identity. If that sounds like something you need, get in touch today to find out more.

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Whatever the reason, we’re here to help guide you in your decision to revisit your brand identity. You may benefit from one of our brand workshops or simply require a polished logo design. Perhaps you already have a great logo, but it is being used inconsistently.

A brand identity can be more than just a logo. It is an amalgamation of language, tone and style, along with defined usage of colours, fonts and imagery. If it is poorly executed, it can result in a diluted brand experience and reduced successes.

Many businesses have to be flexible due to company structure or demographic appeal, so it’s important to be versatile and inclusive. This can include developing the use of a flexible logo system or implementing flexible styles to accommodate complex brand architecture within a single company.

So, if your existing brand is concerning you, get in touch. We’d love to learn more about your business and your requirements over a cuppa.

“I opened the draft and thought – that is ****** fantastic. I love it. It’s perfect.”

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