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A logo is the ambassador of your brand identity. It's the graphic representation of your business, a visual mark to represent a product and/or service.

We create visual identities that strengthen your business, clearly defining or redefining your desired message. Our creative team love to work on developing new logo designs. When we’re approached to create a logo, we try to avoid having a preconceived, creative interpretation of your brand. We want to get to know you before we put pencil to paper.

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When designing a logo for you, we’ll identify demographics you’re already reaching, and any others that you could be appealing to. When a clear understanding of the brand is established, we start work on some initial concepts. Our branding workshop lets you get under your brand’s skin to appreciate it’s finer details. This exercise gives everyone a clearer understanding of the brand identity, which helps us create a more distinct logo design.

There are tonnes of logo styles, from monograms used by NASA and the V&A to engineered fluid logos like Google Doodle and MTV. Other styles include logotypes, mascots, emblems,  abstract and symbols. We’ll identify at an early stage what type of logo your brand needs to carry its identity forward.

We’ll help create a logo that best represents your brand, its name, its personality and values. The key to a good logo is clarity. It has to work on many levels and has to especially be adaptive to many digital environments. The best logos are often the simplest, but the simplest can often take the most work to achieve. Put another way, the best logos work less for your attention.

Trends come and go the key is to make your logo timeless. Currently, there’s a nod towards nostalgia and reviving old brands for a new age, such as the iconic Co-op clover-leaf logo, heavily inspired by the original design from 1968. Fluid or dynamic logos are also on the rise. An extreme example of a fluid logo, and one of our favourites, would be Channel 4’s iconic ‘4’ symbol which has been broken down continuously over the years.

Having the right logo can make or break a brand, so it’s vital that it’s done professionally, and maintained with care and consistency. Brand guidelines are created to cement the treatment of a logo and other assets, reinforcing the projection of a brand. The clarity of a brand’s perception is down to the simplicity and consistency of its projection.

If you’d like us to help shape your brand and design your new logo, get in touch with us.

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