Cementing a brand for a new generation






We helped the UK’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete products bring their brand and website up to date.

Milbank brand refresh- logo comparison

Challenging perceptions and expectations

It was clear that a lot of the team shared a natural affinity with the old logo. With this in mind, we offered two concepts. The first was considered a more subtle upgrade, maintaining similar aesthetics, but refined and updated.

Our second concept, pushed the brand further, introducing a bolder, dynamic, cutting edge feel. Whilst this was favoured by some, it was the subtler option that was the preferred direction, and the design which reflected Milbank the best.

Milbank brand refresh- sketches
Milbank brand refresh- van graphic Milbank brand refresh- van graphic

Visualising a logistical brand upgrade

For a company like Milbank, updating a brand can be a logistical challenge. There are many applications to consider, with deliverables such as vehicle graphics, signs, protective gear and of course the website and supporting digital channels.

To help visualise this change, we used mockups to show how the brand can be applied across a range of materials and channels. 

The result, is an updated brand, that feels both fresh and familiar.

Milbank brand refresh- helmet design

Milbank’s website required a significant performance and visual upgrade.

Milbank brand refresh- website design

More than a brochure site

The style of the Milbank website was ambitious, and took its inspiration from various architectural websites. 

The build, using WordPress, consisted of a range of informative product pages, and standard post-types. All of which, could be edited using the site’s CMS. Furthermore, the website required a brand new, bespoke, product configuration system, fully responsive and coded from scratch.

Both the brand refresh and the updated website has received positive feedback from Milbank customers and stakeholders. So much so, that we have lots of exciting opportunities in progress with Milbank’s parent company, Milbank Group.

Milbank brand refresh- website design
Milbank brand refresh- website design screens

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