Uncovering the enchanted kingdom







The Enchanted Lost Kingdom of Wyvernwood is an adventure park for children and young adults. Located in the rural outskirts of Colchester, the park will be open to the public in July 2022.

Based on a book, the Enchanted Lost Kingdom features a host of mystical characters including a warrior princess, dragons, fairies, and goblins. The team behind Wyvernwood liked the work they’d seen on our website and tasked us with illustrating the characters, objects, and features of the park, in order to bring these to life.


  • 3 x character illustrations
  • 15 x park attraction
  • 5 x enchanted object illustrations

Conjuring the characters

Armed with some character illustrations that had been created, we were asked to emulate their illustrative style, whilst creating characters that were distinctive from each other. Working from the book, we got to work expanding this mythical world and its inhabitants.

Exploring the enchanted lost kingdom

In addition to the forest inhabitants, we created illustrations for each of the core activities at Wyvernwood. Our job was to bridge the gap between the fantastical world outlined in the book and the physical structures in place at the park. To do this, we had a site visit to explore all of the features as they were being built. Seeing the park in its infancy inspired us and we used the architectural plans as a framework to create images that added mystical excitement to the tangible architecture of the site.

Flexing our fantastical flair

This project allowed us to exercise creative licence and imagine how objects such as money bags and treasure chests might look in Wyvernwood’s enchanted kingdom. The illustrations needed to be versatile so that they could be used in all areas of the Wyvernwood brand. We began by creating some initial sketches, using the book and our experience at the site as points of reference. After refining the designs with the client, we then rendered them and introduced colour.

We are delighted to see our designs up on the Wyvernwood website and we are looking forward to visiting the Enchanted Lost Kingdom again to explore it in all its glory.

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