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There's a lot more to it than point and shoot.

When done right, a photograph can sell your product with no additional content, but if corners are cut, it can quickly devalue your brand. A low-quality image with no style or substance is like wearing a dirty suit to an interview. You won’t be taken seriously, and neither will your brand. We’ve worked with clients on a range of photographic projects, from professional profile images to product shots for larger companies such as Wisdom Toothbrushes. 

We offer in-house product photography at our Colchester studio, along with all necessary post-production treatments. For hospitality or service-based businesses, we can offer on-site interior and exterior images. We work with the client to ascertain the style of the shot required, along with the post-production needed to complement the desired digital or print medium.

If it’s a new headshot you’re after, we can ensure a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Many people shy away from the camera, but when a professional picture is required we work to deliver the best possible experience, and shot.

Our editing capabilities can take your images to another level, perfecting even the best of shots or adding some extra creativity. The possibilities are endless!

We can be creative and inventive, ensuring that your professional shots are memorable. The right photographic images can strengthen your brand and add value to any marketing campaign. Don’t scrimp when it comes to capturing the attention of your target market. Make the right impression in an instant.

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