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Get clarity on your content and design with a This is Fever website workshop.

Most projects start with a workshop at This is Fever. One of our most in-depth sessions is our web workshop, which forms the very foundation of all digital projects.

The results will help you to define and articulate what you want to achieve with your website or digital product, and, more importantly, how we’ll go about accomplishing those tasks.

Setting the

To begin our website workshop, we’ll invite you in and progress through a series of questions and exercises aimed at fulfilling the criteria of the three main pillars of web projects; Content Architecture, Technical Functionality and Design Requirement.

Working this way allows us to identify any evident gaps and potential pitfalls early-on. We can then work to deliver all the elements of your website internally, or with contributions from 3rd parties such as copywriters or photographers.

Content Architecture — “We need a contact page with a form containing these specific fields.”

Technical Functionality — “The form needs to have a file upload button, multiple recipients and we’d like a success pop-up with sharing options”

Design Requirement — “The form needs a big red button and the pop-up should show a large, yellow smiley face icon.”

Content First

We stick to a content first approach, meaning we aim to establish a page’s content and its value before we think about what technical or visual resources are required. Many projects fail to address content until it comes to populating the whole site, by which time it might take fundamental and significant changes to the design and technical elements or order for it to fulfil its purpose — this can be like changing the foundations once the house is built. In fact, if building a site was like building a house, content planning would be considered part of the architectural plan.

Content can be broken down into several different types — photography, video, infographics, design features and the various kinds of written content – and each affects both the design and development stages in different ways. We seek to define the types of content required — even in its infant state — as early on in the project as possible. If you’re not sure where to start, we can conduct a content workshop to identify and clarify your messaging and brand visuals, and qualified copywriters of various styles are on hand to assist.

Design & Development

Once we’ve established your content architecture, we move onto the technical and visual frameworks that will effectively deliver this. We will discuss your Content Management System (CMS), 3rd party integrations and the overall visual aesthetic of your site’s structure and style.

Website building workshops are invaluable in terms of reducing the time and stress involved, in even the simplest of web projects. We can’t recommend them enough for your next web project.

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