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Our web workshops are a great place to ascertain what your website needs to deliver. 

The creative process is ever-evolving, developing through questions and ideas. Web workshops allow us to collaborate closely with our clients, discussing and analysing overreaching goals and how to achieve them. Clients frequently attend our workshops with certain preconceptions about what their website needs to be, but often leave with very different ideas.

As part of our initial discovery phase, our workshops allow us to set out expectations for both client and studio. During the workshop, we’ll endeavour to ascertain the main goals of your website, the user journey and all possible outcomes, along with any potential pitfalls along the way.

We highly recommend a web workshop before commencing any web project as it ensures efficient project management, plus a better understanding of constraints and timelines resulting in smoother production.

Our web workshops are offered as a non-committal, separate service meaning clients are free to reflect on the outcomes or possibly re-evaluate their goals if need be. When you’re ready to progress to the next stage, we’ll fire up the studio and get the ball rolling.

All workshops are held in our comfortable studio meeting rooms with only the best tea, coffee and biscuits on offer.

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