A Future to Relish in

Since 2004, Stokes’ has redefined what makes a quality condiment. Founded by Rick Sheepshanks, driven by a desire to encourage his daughter to eat more vegetables. When it comes to sauce, Rick’s passion is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Now, in its 15th year, Stokes has 70 hard-working and passionate individuals working together to make over 60 different products.

Working with a well-known, local(ish), brand like Stokes was an exciting opportunity for us. Approached via a recommendation, our experience and processes assured Stokes Sauces that we were the right fit. And obtaining free sauce at every client meeting assured us that Stokes truly has a gold standard.

Their website required a complete overhaul. The new site had to achieve various commercial objectives, one of which was a revamped trade ordering system, requiring a third party SAP integration with the internal stock system. Having little to no control over this system ourselves was a daunting prospect at first, we are control freaks at This is Fever – even with third-party applications! However, liaising with the team at FullCircle IT and the Stokes’ orders team on a regular basis ensured a smooth process throughout.

For the design, we were given some creative freedom, ensuring it was on-brand throughout. For the products, in particular, we wanted to show each condiment was as special as the next, using large images and typography to reinforce their unique status and brand style. With access to life-style photography and new illustrations to support the content, we were able to show a brand that’s just as passionate about their product as the people it serves.

Using the robust open-source framework of WordPress WooCommerce, along with well-maintained add-ons, and our development expertise has laid the groundwork for, not just a customer-friendly website, but an easy to manage backend system for the folks at Stokes.

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Published by: Jay Tuckwell