A Very Important Partnership

Having a Ball

It’s not always easy being a student, facing student loans, heavy workloads, and stressful exams. That’s where the University of Essex Student Union comes in. They’re always on hand supporting students both on and off of campus, and they’ve got partnership agreements with tonnes of cool places to benefit students in all aspects of their lives. One partnership is with us. We’ve worked with ESU for some time, assisting with all manner of marketing materials and creative projects. This past weekend was their annual Summer Ball, and we scored some VIP tickets as a thank you.

Putting Our Partnership Forward

The Summer Ball is a fundraising event and an official kick-off to summer for students and faculty. And with over 15,000 student members, this ball it’s a pretty massive undertaking! Our creative team helped get the night into gear months before the big tents went up and the sun went down. With our partnership, ESU saved time and energy they otherwise would’ve spent looking for and vetting designers for the Ball. From posters and signage to menus and drink tokens, our job was to create a cohesive experience for the students – even if they couldn’t tell through their beer goggles. Even with incredibly short turnarounds, everything went to plan and it all looked amazing – even if we do say ourselves.

Seeing some of Rowena‘s work on Saturday was a treat especially as they guided us towards the dance floor, in more ways than one.

Barrel Fever

The big night is over for another year, but that doesn’t mean the ESU is taking a summer break. We’re already back in the studio working together on the next print projects and animated screen graphics. Our partnership provides the ESU with consistency and flexibility and gives us a chance to keep our creative juices flowing. Working alongside the in-house marketing teams has given us great insight into how far the Student Union goes to support its students and we’re really happy to be working on such rewarding projects.

If you’d like to free up some administrative time and have an open link to our design team, ask us about our Creative Retainers – we’d love to help out.

Published by: Jay Tuckwell