Building a Team

The Game’s Afoot

Every business has special moments. Events that take preparation, logistical analysis and pure skill to pull off successfully! Of course, I’m talking about taking Fever out for secret team-building exercise. I would love to take the credit for our growing reputation and service delivery but the truth is I’m a firm believer in ‘the team‘, and as part of the welcome initiation for our two newest team members, Olivia and Richard, I decided to do something different.

Before we left I split the studio into two teams, with Mark and Jay appointed as leaders, using some code to randomly select names obviously. With the teams set and the creative speculation flowing, it was time to escape the office!

Elementary My Dear Wizard

At Fever we take pride in being a little different and challenging ourselves, Escape Colchester was a perfect team-building choice. We had to escape two separate rooms – one based on Sherlock Holmes, the other in a world of witchcraft and wizardry. Solving puzzles in a race against time was a fun opportunity for everyone to work together and unwind.

“I want to say that we really thought outside the box but that would be a lie as we were very much locked in the box. Never the less, we still won!”

-Jay Tuckwell, Winning Team Leader

“Personally, I blame our Team Leader for not giving us a name. This clear lack of focus was our downfall and I’m not mad…I’m just disappointed.”

-Joe Dougherty, disillusioned Team Member

Infinite Variety

It was a pleasure to also invite and welcome Grace Carter, the owner of our close business partner We are Aphra, to share the day with us. The winning team, along with bragging rights, got to choose our next venue. No surprise, given Jay’s favouritism for a certain BBQ style pub, we made our way to the Three Wise Monkeys for a tasty late lunch.

A Case of Identity

It was a fun afternoon out and a great exercise for any business that values its team… having a way to strengthen our bond and reinforce our core values made for a truly smashing afternoon!

Published by: Jay Tuckwell