Colchester Is Creative

Creativity is Key

Colchester is recognised nationally as a creative hub, and with good reason. It’s home to world-class galleries, theatres, workshops, and web design agencies.

This town’s creative community is constantly expanding and evolving. Connecting and networking create important relationships which only help the community to thrive. However, trying to keep track of an ever-changing, always growing creative population is a tricky task. Enter the game-changing site, Creative Colchester.

We’re pretty creative here at Fever. In fact, creativity is one of our core values. So when the Colchester Borough Council approached us to develop and manage a new online community to bolster Colchester’s creative scene we jumped at the chance. With customisable member profiles, jobs and events board, and a dynamic branding system, Creative Colchester is one of our most ambitious projects to date!

Dynamic Reflections

As both a showcase for creative work and a social network, our proposed branding had to be strong while remaining in the background, so as not to overpower the user content. The minimalistic theme and monotone palette of the site’s background lets user-generated content take centre stage. Our subtle dynamic logo designs reflect the different aspects of Colchester’s creative community – and who doesn’t love a sneaky hover function!

The development team’s aim to make the site optimised for performance is key to its growth. For instance, the grid-style layout and sidebar menus fit seamlessly across screen sizes and devices. This means the site is mobile-friendly, so members can get creative on the go.

There’s a quote associated with Napoleon that says “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” Now when it comes to web design, we don’t always follow advice from French emperors, but in this case, he’s got a point.

Creative Colchester’s users are its core – they generate, upload and update most of the site’s content. The amount of data this creates is mind-blowing, and this will continue to grow as the community expands. In order to maintain performance and stability, we custom engineered the site’s server and have a rigorous maintenance process in place.

Get Posting!

We’re very proud to announce that the Creative Colchester site is live, lovely, and SECCADS approved. Check it out here, and join the creative community!