Ecommerce Stokes Opportunity

We recently launched a new e-commerce website for Stokes Sauces’ which has seen increased traffic and sales performance for the award-winning brand. Designing and building e-commerce sites is definitely our, and the changing economy’s, jam.

Online behaviour and trends are changing and building upon themselves, this is a constant. With the effects of COVID-19 on brick and mortar stores visually apparent, what does this mean for online commerce and the importance of great design and usability?

Shifting Customer Goal-Posts

Stokes’ had very clear goals laid out for their new e-commerce website. Their main aim was to change customer behaviour: getting them to buy products directly from Stokes instead of at supermarkets. The goal became a reality within a few weeks of launching the new site!

Yes it’s been a great for us so far! The conversion rate has been phenomenal. I appreciate all of your help. Superb job

Ben Rourke, Digital Marketing, Stokes Sauce

But how do you shift from an abstract goal to concrete results?

One factor that is often overlooked for any online project is time. Great websites and user experiences require focus, input and collaboration within your team and with your web development agency. You and your team know your products and customers, passing that knowledge thoroughly to your web developer is worth its weight in virtual gold.

An agency that designs a flashy and exciting homepage may increase visits to your site. However, if your site’s too confusing to use, increased visitors will simply turn into increased bounce rates, reduced search engine exposure and poor performance.

Easing the user’s journey from product view to final sale is a key factor in successful e-commerce sites. Designing an intuitive interface that users can adopt and understand quickly reduces cart drop off and builds trust towards your company and product. Fostering customer trust is a growing necessity as more and more potential users are swayed by online reviews. Spending the extra time researching and planning for your site ultimately creates a better site.

Necessity is The Mother of Invention

We have seen an increase in enquiries and projects wins from businesses looking to convert to eCommerce, or improve their existing customer experience. With COVID-19 altering project plans and rescaling operations, this is a unique opportunity to focus on what’s next.

With some more time on your hands, investing in your online presence will have positive short and long term benefits. Users who previously resisted ‘online shopping’ are adopting it for the first time. For some, it will permanently alter how they shop and use the internet. Already, businesses with retail outlets are becoming more reliant on a successful website, and this trend will continue long past lockdown. Those who do not invest in their online presence may fall behind.

Timing is Everything

There is no time like the present, and presently, there’s a lot of time! If your business is looking to develop, grow, or start its online opportunities – we are the right agency to help. Take a look at our work and drop us a line!