Fabulous Beasts

It’s not often that our technically-minded co-founder, Ben Green, is this impressed with an app. However, Fabulous Beasts is so much more than just another app…. It connects traditional table-top fun with impressive digital elements, and makes for an all-round amazing game for all the family.

Ben has not only been wowed by the concept, the creativity and thought put into the game itself, but he’s also very proud that Fabulous Beasts is, in part, the creation of a family member – Tim Burrell-Saward – Fabulous Beast Product Designer.

Ben said: “Fabulous Beasts is such an inspired creation, both visually and technically. The whole team has worked so hard to drive this project forwards over the past year and it’s great to see how well it’s already being received. I really think this could be the next big thing. Good luck to everyone working hard to bring their fabulous dream to life.”

To find out more about Fabulous Beasts, take a moment to watch this short video.

It’s already made BBC News, so it’s not just us that’s making a fuss about it!

If you’re one of the many families that are torn between kids wanting to spend time on digital devices rather than quality family time, and like playing a game around the table, this may have just solved all your problems!

Published by: Jay Tuckwell