Indra’s work experience

In July 2023, we welcomed Indra to the studio to undertake work experience within the design team. Throughout her time with us, Indra received training on the Adobe suite of products as well as trying her hand at coding, attending client meetings and getting a taste of life as a graphic designer in a busy digital agency. Here is her account of the experience:

Throughout my two weeks working with This is Fever, I have learnt to use various skills on softwares but also better communication skills due to the task variation I have been given. I’ve had the opportunity to work with five different softwares: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Figma and Lightroom. I’ve learnt how to understand the softwares as well as to use them to create my own products.

I’ve also experienced client calls and what it is like to work within a team. The team made my time at work experience very enjoyable as well as very beneficial to me, both now and in the future. It has helped me gain an understanding of this area of work and what it would be like to work within this field.

I have developed my skills within these softwares by learning what is important and how the layout, colour and text can affect the products. My first task was to edit a photo using Photoshop which developed my editing skills and taught me the features of well edited photos. I edited a photo of two people by adding text, adding a gradient, and creating things on different layers.

I then went onto using InDesign to create brochures where I learnt how to structure them as well as what should be used to make them eye-catching. I created two brochures for two different countries to visit and made them appealing to an audience.

I also got to use Illustrator to create a poster for a business workshop and how to advertise it. I then created leaflets for a topic I was interested in (Colchester School of Gymnastics).

I then used After Effects to create a short video in which I advertised Colchester School of Gymnastics as well as using Figma to create a new website for them.

I also used Lightroom to edit photos which I took after being taught how to use a camera. I watched tutorials on the features of the camera and then was taught how to take photos based on the lighting.

To gain a full experience, I was given small tasks to do with coding as well as deigning an email to advertise Colchester School of Gymnastics. This has been really beneficial as it’s helped me have an understanding of so many different areas within a company.

When needed I was given support by the team, but was also given time to be independent so I could learn how to solve my own problems. I’ve gained an insight of what it would be like to work in this environment and what a job in this area would be like. This experience has widened my knowledge which means I can confidently say that I would like to pursue a job down this road. I was given the opportunity to experience other roles in the company which then allowed me to gain an understanding of what they were like and if I would want to carry this on in the future as well as my main experience, design.