From university to the studio: Joseph’s placement at This is Fever

In April 2024, we welcomed Joseph to the studio from the University of Suffolk to complete his two weeks’ work experience as part of his second year module. Read on to find out all about his experience at This is Fever and to hear the inspiring advice he would give to future students in his position.


Tell us about your time at uni. How are you finding the course, what is your favourite area of design?

I have really enjoyed my time at UOS, partly due to the range of helpful lecturers and the friends that I have made. I do feel that the course has helped me develop as a designer in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. Being surrounded by creatively minded people who all want to be in the design world allows you to bounce off one another, developing your way of thinking, skills and ideas. I would say my favourite area of design so far is creating a visual identity. I found it very rewarding creating a concept and design deliverables that all cohesively work together rather than just as a singular outcome.


What attracted you to a placement at This is Fever?

This is Fever was initially brought to my attention from attending Dan Welsh’s Life After Lectures talk at the uni. I found Dan’s story very interesting and even relatable in some aspects, which kept me engaged. Dan spoke about the enjoyment he has had at This is Fever and the way the studio operates, which I found appealed to me. I then looked through the array of projects This is Fever have worked on and was drawn in by not only their work but the design of their website. So, when the opportunity arose for a work placement, Fever was at the top of my list.


How have you found your placement? What were the highlights? Any particular lessons learned that you’ll take with you?

I loved my time at This is Fever. Every team member was very kind and helped me whenever I needed it. It was great having routine and working in the comfortable studio environment they have created, allowing me to focus and be more productive than perhaps I am at home. I was able to work on a live brief as well as a mock project, which was a very valuable experience for me personally. There were many highlights of my time with This is Fever; attending meetings, learning how the team work, understanding what can go wrong and how to deal with clients, etc. I’m also appreciative of being given the time to learn a new skill/process, which was Adobe After Effects and the importance motion graphics will have going forward. And I can’t forget the burger! I definitely learned a lot that I will take with me, but perhaps the biggest lesson was the importance of communication, not only as a designer but as a team. The experience also helped me to gain some confidence within myself and my work, which is an invaluable lesson.


What advice would you give to any students considering a placement at This is Fever?

First of all, I’d say do it! Allow yourself to enjoy the experience as much as you will learn from it. Always have a notebook on hand, you never know when you might find something interesting, even if it’s the smallest detail. And perhaps try to be more confident than I was. Regardless, the whole team are very welcoming and will understand the situation you’re in.


What advice would you give to a student about to start a Graphic Design degree course?

I didn’t realise how important it was when the lecturers said it at the start of the course but experiment. Experiment with techniques, processes, tools, ideas etc. Because once you get out into the world of employment you may not have the resources or time to do so. Learn how different mediums can be used in the right circumstances depending on who you’re communicating with. I’d also say try and make friends or be confident enough to get other people’s opinion on your work, allowing you to develop as a designer and a person. Remember, design is a collaborative process.



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Published by: Hannah Masterman