Max Connect: Chantel’s Journey to Producing Vibrant R&B Festival Promotions

In March 2024, we welcomed Chantel to the studio to complete a week’s work experience. Read on to find out about her experience and see the incredible work she produced in her short time with us.


The Brief

For my work experience project, I was tasked to create social media deliverables to promote a music festival. I decided to create various deliverables for a Rhythm & Blues based festival featuring many famous R&B singers who I listen to and felt would really resonate with my concept and theme. I wanted my audience to be people who were looking to experience a connection with others based on their own love for music. I liked the idea of creating a connection, so I decided to name the festival ‘Max Connect’ to show how music can bring others together and turn an event into an experience.


The Concept

I began by first creating a mood board filled with ideas and concepts I would go for. I wanted to first create a poster that was very eye-catching but also drew people’s attention with the information on. So I began making an initial poster idea. I went with very neutral and nude colours with different tints of light green. I also wanted to add some texture and patterns onto the poster so I added a repeated palm tree pattern. I also included in a larger text some of the featured artists that would be appearing at the festival. I thought this would really attract the people seeing this. 


Music Festival Poster


After a quick review with some members of the This Is Fever team including Ben and Hannah I was able to make a few amendments that would really help attract people to the event; such as where to buy tickets and making the dates more noticeable. I was also tasked with making an alternative poster to see different perspectives and which would fit my brief better. 


Mood Board


This time I went for a more grunge flyer look and instead of basing with the colour green I went with purple instead. I added much more texture by creating more patterns and included all the key information that would really stick out to people. I happened to prefer this poster over the other one and decided this would be my main concept for the rest of my deliverables.




The Execution

To create the poster I used Adobe InDesign which was a software I had never used before so I did not have much experience with it, but it was similar to sights that I had used before in the past so after a while of learning how to use it and watching a few tutorials I was able to use the software and all of its functions. This helped me to create both posters and further develop my final idea. I had also never used Adobe Illustrator to create texture on my pieces, such as patterns and text.


After creating my poster, I began creating a promotion video as one of my deliverables. I had used Adobe After Effects before but not recently, so I was still an amateur when it came to creating video. I began making a cool title that would show up at the beginning of the video which resembles a record player. After this, I included it in my main composition as an overlay with all my other clips and text. I also worked on Adobe Audition to create background music that would fit the video. I decided to create a mix on a song that I felt really connected with the theme and the instrumental of that song.



After creating a video I began working on Adobe Photoshop to create a model of the wristbands people would wear at the event. This was also my first time using Photoshop, but once I understood how to implement my own ideas onto models I was able to create other in-situ mock-ups. I wanted to make a billboard mock-up and used InDesign again to create a billboard sign in addition to the poster. I photoshopped an artist from my selected artists and added it as part of the billboard along with the festival title and key information.


hanging poster

Mockup of Billboard on city street - This is Fever


It was really fun learning how to use all these new software, and I really enjoyed working on each aspect of my project. I was really happy with each outcome and was supported and guided by the rest of the team who helped give me suggestions and also taught me new things which I did not know. I hope to carry all this new-found knowledge from now on. Additionally, once I got the hang of things I was really confident in what I was doing and was able to create multiple depictions of my work


The End Result

I was really happy and proud of my work and was really impressed with what I was able to do in a week with little to no experience with some of the software. I really enjoyed the process of making everything and learning how to use the different software programs and features. I really liked making the mock-ups on Adobe Photoshop and creating the billboard and poster on InDesign. I loved every bit of my work experience here and have started to consider a future career path in Graphic Design. I loved the work environment and felt super welcomed by all members of the team. I am so proud of what I accomplished and learnt during my time at ‘This Is Fever’ and I’m so happy with my work.


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