Proudly Supporting the Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation

The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation is a cause close to our hearts; we’ve worked with them for a number of years on their original logo, branding, marketing collateral and recent brand refresh. We were referred to them by one of our previous happy clients and have worked together ever since.

They got in touch with us in early February letting us know about an event they’d be running called The Feather Ball at Stoke by Nayland Golf & Country Club. As part of this fundraising evening, they would need a programme that included the order of events, raffle prizes, as well as the donations for their silent auction, which ranged from a return flight to New York and a week in an apartment in Morzine, France.

We had one week to turn it around with new donations for the auction coming in hourly. In typical Fever style, the brochures were personally delivered – still hot off the press – one day before the event by our co-founder Ben.

The Brief

The event had a Caribbean theme, stretching into their dinner with a menu of saltfish fritters and sweet and sticky BBQ jerk chicken ballotine. We epitomised this through the brochure with a bright and fun parrot and hibiscus pattern across the front and back cover, and the inclusion of a bright summery pink. As well as contrasting nicely, the deep blue in the pattern offered a nod to Tom’s favourite colour.

The pattern that we opted for tied in nicely with the title of the event through the inclusion of the parrots (and their bold feathers!). However, the feathers weren’t just about the Caribbean; they’re also included in the Tom Bowdidge Foundation logo to represent a symbol of spirit. We enjoyed seeing this take a new turn with the parrots, showing a vibrant, upbeat side to the feather motif.

“The feathers weren’t just about the Caribbean; they’re also included in the Tom Bowdidge Foundation logo to represent a symbol of spirit.”

As there was a luxury feel to the event, including a sparkling reception, we printed the brochure on velvet-touch laminate. This has a smooth, thick feel akin to fabric.

To add to the Tom Bowdidge Foundation’s selection of house fonts, we included Viktor Script (the soft italic seen in the headlines) in the brochure design as this had an elegant feel, and is also quite feather-like in style. We wanted the fonts to feel in keeping with their existing branding, while also having a subtle summery twist.

Charity Work

Every month, Fever offers their time pro bono towards a charity project. It is important to us as good things happen to good people, and it’s nice to be nice – especially in the workplace! We want to support charities and organisations who are working to make the world a better place for those around them. For February, the Tom Bowdidge Foundation was our chosen organisation. If you’d like to get in touch with us about your charity project, you can e-mail us on hello@thisisfever.co.uk.

Published by: Jay Tuckwell