Revisiting Our Vision for 2020

In November we, as a company, treated ourselves to our very own Brand Workshop. During the workshop, we asked ourselves 3 key questions: Has our brand evolved with the business? Does our website accurately showcase our abilities and offerings? What do we want to achieve?

Here, we discovered that our brand could do with a much-needed refresh. Our plan was to use December, a generally quiet time for all, to really focus on our website. Our key focus was on showcasing our work better and demonstrating our growing skills. We launched our latest vision at the very beginning of the year, looking for a fresh start. Little did we know what was to come…

The Unprecedented Pandemic

In February of 2020, news began to surge surrounding the coronavirus. Back then, this was mainly thought to only affect China and surrounding areas. However, we all know that it did not take long before it became a global pandemic, one which we’re still experiencing today.

In mid-March we closed our doors, all working from home as per government guidelines and to ensure the safety of our staff. Despite working from home, it was business as usual – with little to no disruption to our workflow. We utilised existing tools to work more effectively, ensuring no change in the quality of our work.

This turned out to be extremely successful, in fact so successful that we were able to spend time improving our processes and looking forward. Having experienced the pandemic, we wanted to use our learnings to evolve the business once again and future-proof services.

Introducing ‘The Book of Flames’

During our first week back at Fever HQ, we took the time to redefine the business and began the creation of a document that will become a full guide to This is Fever. Instead of having separate documents, such as handbooks and brand guidelines, we decided to create one large document that covers absolutely everything.

We have decided, after a very helpful suggestion from Technical Director Jay, to call this document The Book of Flames. The initial reason for this was due to the use of a flame in our company logo. However, such a powerful document deserves an equally powerful name.

The intention of this document is to ensure all staff members are aligned with the business and its goals. It is also to outline who we are as a business, for both staff members and clients. Excited to share what we had created, Fever founder Ben Green called a company-wide meeting to share our new vision with the team.

Being located next to Headgate Theatre, we decided to make good use of their space for a socially distanced presentation. The presentation, headed by Ben, Technical Director Jay and Creative Director Mark was a huge success. It has engendered trust, increased confidence, boosted morale and made us all very excited for the future.

Looking Forward to 2021

The Book of Flames is an ongoing work in progress. We aim to update and adapt this document with any changes to the business moving forward, ensuring to alert all staff and clients to any changes made. We hope to have the final first version finished by the end of the year. Once we reach 2021 we have a few aims and objectives we’d like to meet in order to better our business and our service.

First and foremost we want to focus more on our staff. We want to ensure that all members of staff are on the same page at all times, working towards the same goal. Furthermore, we want to make sure that staff are happy, growing and achieving. In the coming months, we are looking to work more closely with staff, offering additional support, guidance and training to those who want or need it.

Secondly, we wish to ensure we practise what we preach. Like many creative businesses, we spend so much time innovating with others that we often forget to innovate for ourselves. We wish to focus more on the business, ensuring that we stick to and maintain the messaging we have outlined for ourselves within The Book of Flames.

Last, but not least, we wish to expand our service offering. Although we currently offer a large range of services, we’re always looking to increase our knowledge and learn more. With an increase in staff training, this is an achievable goal for us. In 2019 we increased our offering to include more integrations and bespoke systems. In 2021 we aim to offer even more, custom services to businesses across East Anglia.

Published by: Jay Tuckwell