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After a tough decision to leave my previous role, I found myself in the midst of retraining in web development. It had been many years since I’d built and deployed a website, and I had a lot of catching up to do! Each day started with two hours of reading the latest web trends and best practices within web development, followed by many hours of learning, building, debugging and putting together an online showcase.

To motivate myself and to set clear goals, I started doing some research. I scoured the internet for nearby design and web development positions to aim for. I reviewed the skills required for these positions and focused my training to optimise my career pathway. Then, I saw Fever

Their diverse work, strong brand identity and a passionate team all spoke to me on a personal level. With one swift click, I saved the link to their website into my bookmarks under the title “My Next Job”.

But was I ready? The question circled in my mind though I knew what I had to do, what I had to learn, and where I wanted to work. There was still so much to learn and prepare. Now focused on what I needed to achieve, I continued learning, building and debugging (so much debugging).

The link sat in my bookmarks where I would frequent it to check they were still hiring and that the web developer position existed.

However, I noticed that the available positions page had changed, the role had disappeared. The opportunity was passing and even if the door was closed, I needed to at least throw a foot at it (figuratively)!

To my surprise, the door opened.

New Player

Talking to the team, I explained my personal motivators and passion for web development and problem-solving. I gained fantastic insight into the work they do and what motivated them and before I knew it, I was building websites, deploying scripts and writing custom code for real clients. It’s been a ridiculously good first couple of months and I am very much looking forward to where this opportunity takes me.

I took a gamble with Richard, but I had a gut feeling he would become a skilled developer and valued team player. What I had not appreciated is just how quickly that would happen!

– Ben Green, Founder

Published by: Jay Tuckwell