Spotlight on Spektrix Integration

Setting The Stage

ChickenShed Theatre Company began in 1974 focusing on an inclusive theatre environment and topical stage work. They have the same principles today, running various outreach programs and workshops. Needless to say, they’re pretty cool. Comprehensive experiences are at this theatre’s core, so it’s no wonder they chose to add Spektrix to their website.

After it was added, their web developer couldn’t complete the 3rd party system integration. This created a bit of a sticky situation. User experience became awkward across different platforms and with an unharmonised system on their current site it was difficult to find and purchase tickets.

They needed assistance, someone who wouldn’t chicken out of a tough integration, they found Fever. After coming across our posts about the Spektrix integrations for Bridport Arts Centre and The Mercury Theatre, they got in touch.

Behind The Scenes

Chickenshed knew how valuable a full Spektrix integration could be when done properly, and they had a clear vision of how we could help.

They needed Spektrix to run smoothly on multiple pages and devices. To make the integration seamless with the rest of their site we restyled all the Spektrix iframes throughout, due to some restrictions within Spektrix we had to get quite inventive with our CSS.

We improved the look and feel of the pages by updating Spektrix’s styling and layout throughout the site. These updates included allowing users to update their account details quickly and improving the user experience as a whole. Making some features more prominent whilst hiding and removing unnecessary components resulted in a clear path for users to follow.

“I’m really impressed; I have found your approach, procedures, and work are of a really high quality and utterly professional. You have brought expertise, insight and initiative to the project and have been a pleasure to work with.”

-Liz Clark, ChickenShed Theatre

In The Wings

ChickenShed Theatre’s website will be fully integrated in June 2018 and can be viewed here. We’re immensely happy with their Spektrix integration and hope you enjoy the user experience as much as we’ve enjoyed working with ChickenShed Theatre!

If you need help with a Spektrix integration, or other third-party systems and API’s, drop us a line.