This is Fever named as a top WordPress Agency 2023

In December, Tech Behemoths announced their 2023 Award winners. This is Fever received accolades for Web Design, Web Development and WordPress services.

Discussing the achievement, Ben White says:

“We are delighted to be ending 2023 on a high receiving this recognition for our WordPress services, especially after winning a UK Dev Award for a WordPress/WooCommerce site at the beginning of the year. We’ve delivered some great digital projects this year and we’re looking forward to launching more sites in 2024” – Ben White, Project Manager

Why we use WordPress

WordPress is the world’s leading Content Management System (CMS). Here at This is Fever, we favour it for the following four reasons:

Ease of use

WordPress uses a block-based editor experience called Gutenberg that makes it really easy for content editors to build out their pages by dragging and dropping their desired components.


A WordPress site can be integrated with all kinds of tools and programmes, such as WooCommerce for retailing, Spektrix for ticketing and fundraising and Salesforce for CRM requirements.


We don’t lock our clients in to proprietary systems that only we can edit. With WordPress, there’s a huge community of developers to choose from.


Like any content management system, WordPress is vulnerable to malicious attacks. However, when set up properly by an experienced WordPress developer, WordPress can be incredibly secure. In fact, it’s the CMS behind the websites belonging to The White House, The New York Times and the Walt Disney Company.


Getting to know WordPress banner

How well do you know WordPress?

Join This is Fever on 17th January to learn all about managing a WordPress website, from the people that design and build them. Get your burning questions answered and start 2024 with some complimentary upskilling.

Aimed at WordPress users of all abilities, this webinar will cover everything you need to know to successfully manage a WordPress website. Master its user-friendly interface and explore themespluginsSEO essentialssecurity measures, and more…

We will cover
  • What is WordPress?
  • Overview of the interface and the dashboard
  • Content Editing, and best practices
  • Understanding Themes
  • Understanding Plugins
  • Keeping Google happy
  • Optimising Loading & Pagespeed
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Adding users and assigning different user roles
  • WordPress Security
  • WordPress Updates and Maintenance
  • Open Q&A with our experts

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Published by: Hannah Masterman