Welcome, Olivia!

We’ve had a great 2018 so far and it’s seen us increase our capacity exponentially. This month, we welcomed Olivia into the Fever fold. Here’s what she had to say about joining us…

I found out about This is Fever after clicking on an adorable robot illustration that popped up on my Facebook feed. Following the link led to scrolling through the job posting… which led to scrolling through the whole Fever website. Through all this scrolling it became clear that I absolutely had to apply to work at Fever!

From the graphics, case studies, subtle movie references to the job posting wording itself gave such a sense of the team and the workplace: fun, professional, and experienced. All this was proven true during my interview.

After introductions and coffee, my abilities were tested in: image research, blog writing, graphics and copy editing, collecting information from a client, and public speaking. After two-and-a-half hours, I completed the tasks while working in turn with everyone and truly feeling welcomed by the team. Throughout the whole interview process, the dedication and passion everyone showed towards their work and teammates were undeniable.

“With the interview process over and my favourite Star Wars movie confirmed, it’s “A New Hope”, I am truly excited to officially be joining This is Fever!”

-Olivia Darling, Studio Administrator

Welcome Olivia, may the force be with you…

Published by: Jay Tuckwell