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Adding the “secret sauce” to ecommerce through SAP integration

Hannah Masterman
09 / 11 / 2021
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Following continued growth in their online retail sales, Stokes asked us to add some “secret sauce” to the existing website integration with their internal SAP system, to reduce the costs and administration of shipments.

Why Integration With MyDPD was Needed

Stoke’s Sauce are undoubtedly royalty in the world of condiments (my personal favourite is the Bloody Mary Ketchup), but more than this, they share our passion for creating the best eCommerce experience for customers. Since launching their new WooCommerce powered shop last year, the growth in online retail sales has placed an increased demand on their warehouse finished product team. As a result of this, they wanted us to revisit the setup and look at integrating DPD directly into the order fulfilment process.

Automating Online Orders and Fulfilment

Having already developed Stokes’ website and eCommerce store, we were lucky to have a solid understanding of what was needed to enhance the fulfilment process. This ultimately required expanding the existing SAP integration, while at the same time integrating the website with DPD’s services (MyDPD). By linking these systems, we could automate the majority of the process functions, from the initial order all the way through to delivery.

Here’s a high-level overview of how the improved integration works:

  1. The customer completes their order through the WooCommerce website

  2. This customer then receives an email notification to let them know that their order is being processed

  3. At the same time, the order is passed directly into the internal SAP system

  4. A packing note is generated on SAP, and the warehouse team is notified of the order and which products are required

  5. Once the products have been selected and packaged, the warehouse staff confirm the shipment is ready on SAP

  6. SAP communicates back to the WooCommerce and the order status is updated

  7. The customer receives another email notification, letting them know their sauce is ready for dispatch

  8. The website then communicates with DPD to generate the shipment; The labels are automatically printed in the warehouse and attached to the package

  9. When DPD arrives and scan the shipments, the customer received a final notification to let them know the order is on its way. This notification includes a tracking link and the estimated delivery day/time

The Conclusion

We’re extremely proud of this expanded integration and relish all opportunities like this; by enabling this SAP integration with MyDPD, we have improved the way in which Stokes manages and ship their orders. More importantly, this increases their capacity as less time is required for processing each order, along with cutting the chance of human error to allow for a smoother operation throughout.

From the end customer’s perspective, their experience is improved as there’s never any doubt as to the status of their order. They will receive automated notification for their order being accepted, when it’s packed and ready for dispatch, along with tracking information from DPD that contains the delivery ETA once the order is on its way.

How Integrations Can Help

As any business grows, time can often become the most precious resource, with many business owners looking for ways of doing everyday tasks more efficiently. As a digital agency, we specialise in developing bespoke solutions for businesses in all sectors of industry, to help identify and create innovative ways of doing something. To find out how we can help you to create efficiencies within your business, or to discuss a particular integration that would help connect your systems, contact us today.

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