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Making waves with a bath maker who knows a thing or two about baths. No more water-based puns we promise.

BC Designs has become a well-respected design house that offers beautifully crafted products in all areas of the bathroom market. The company was started in 1999 by British designer, Barrie Cutchie, who, for over 30 years, has been at the forefront of bathroom innovation and design.

BC Designs approached Fever for help with producing two revised brochures. The brief was to raise the profile of the BC Designs brand whilst continuing to showcase the quality, innovation and originality of their products.

BC designs logo

In a highly competitive market there are many imitations, but BC Designs’ bathroom collections and freestanding baths have never been matched the world over. From period reproductions to cutting-edge originals, it was important to not only represent their product range, but their knowledge and experience as well.

BC Brochure 4
BC design brochure
BC designs lookbook

For us, it was a very rare enquiry. Despite most of our work being website-based, it was a project we knew we could handle and do really well. Therefore we jumped at the chance of giving BC Designs’ existing brochure a refresh, taking their brand from competitor to potential market-leader. Fever liaised closely with Sally Cutchie, the sales co-ordinator and marketing lead, who had a clear vision for the brochure and an eagerness to give the brand a makeover.

Having reviewed BC Designs’ previous brochures, we peeled away some of the aesthetics with the focus being purely on the products and an up-to-date style. We also stripped the product descriptions down to the bare essentials through shoe-horning some content in towards the end of the project. This allowed for more space to deliver larger images and punchier copy, allowing the reader to easily navigate through. This was supported by a clear, linear typographic hierarchy, using a well-balanced combination of fonts from Light Sans-Serif to Oblique-Serif typefaces.

As well as introducing a new range of fonts, we also reconsidered the colour palette, replacing the previous heavy use of white and background floral patterns with large helpings of flat dark colour to better convey a sense of luxury. In the end we narrowed it down to three main colours; white, slate black, and warm grey.

Printed on uncoated paper throughout for a more luxurious, coffee-table feel, the 64-page brochure was also accompanied by a small, A5 landscape lookbook as a little teaser to its bigger brother for use in meetings and at industry shows.

Six months on and the brochure is still receiving some brilliant feedback. Most importantly, it has increased sales. BC Designs’ knowledge, experience and their warm, personable manner made them a joy to work with, and we look forward to working with them again soon.

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