Severity Levels

  • 1 – Critical
  • 2 – High
  • 3 – Medium
  • 4 – Low

Please enter the appropriate severity level in the form. Please review the definitions below for each level. We will assess the severity levels in the form and may reallocate where necessary.


The issue is causing your website – a business-critical asset for you – to be unavailable for an extended period of time, or be otherwise non-functional.


  • The website is down – it is offline or non-functional
  • Checkout broken
  • SSL expired


The issue is not business-critical, but your website is experiencing an extended period of unavailability, is otherwise non-functional or is causing issues for many users.


  • Enquiry form or section of the website not working 
  • Intermittent availability or caching issues
  • Assets not loading – images 


The issue is not business-critical and the issue is not causing any part of your public website to be non-functional or affecting many users.


  • The page editor is not working in WordPress
  • Block styling is incorrect and looks obviously wrong, or it breaks the layout
  • Unique browser issue, i.e. there’s a problem in Safari, but not Chrome


The issue is not business-critical and the issue is not causing a problem for users.


  • Site health section of WordPress flagging issues
  • Block styling incorrect and is not immediately obvious – i.e. ‘too much padding’
  • A small bug that causes an inconvenience, but does not affect function