Systems & Platforms

We build more than just websites. Our system developers have created a range of innovative digital products and systems that have helped improve our client’s businesses. Virtual event platforms, staff intranets, stock management systems and bespoke calculation tools. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Exclusive to You

With a custom-built system, platform or tool, you can enhance your operations through a digital product that does exactly what you need it to.

There will be no compromises or workarounds. Our solutions will achieve every goal set and solve every problem outlined in our initial discussions. All within one easy to use product. Everything we build is rigorous and robust from the standpoint of safety and security and engineered with the future in mind.

Working with you, our solutions will start life as simple technical diagrams, before being turned into interactive prototypes for us to test and analyse. Our designers will work closely with our development team, crafting engaging yet user-friendly interfaces that will provide the most optimal user experience. Finally, our developers will do what they do best and build your bespoke solution, ready for vigorous testing and then the task at hand.

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Customer-Facing Systems

We engineer technology solutions you can trust and rely on when in the hands of your customers.

We know just how important it is for anything customer-facing with your name on it to perform and function perfectly. We will identify and scope out the exact needs of your users so we can deliver an intuitive system that’s perfect for you and them, and does your business proud.

Examples of customer-facing platforms are:

  • Virtual events platforms
  • Social networks
  • Live chat platforms
  • Booking systems
  • Registration systems
  • Web portals

Internal Systems

We have created a range of internal systems and intranets helping our clients streamline their internal processes and better manage the day to day running of their business. Performance, usability and security are always paramount, and our solutions are entirely bespoke to the customer and the needs of its employees.

Examples of bespoke internal systems we can develop:

  • Staff Intranets
  • Stock management systems
  • Human resources systems
  • Performance and timesheet trackers
  • CRM systems
  • Project management systems
  • Extranet portals
Here are some projects that we've worked on recently