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It's not enough to display information clearly, it must also be done so creatively.

Editorial design is all about getting the message across efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, it must be memorable. Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and is processed 60,000 times faster than plain text. Whether it’s an advertorial for a new product, or an informative spread showcasing facts and figures, how that information is displayed can make the difference between engaging the reader to find out more, or that reader turning over to the next page.

As the digital world encroaches on the humble newspaper and magazine, designing for more traditional mediums can be challenging. While readership has significantly decreased in the past decade, it’s a medium that will always be required. However, designers have had to adapt their style and utilise ever-creative means of displaying everyday information.


We’ve handled many editorial projects over the last few years, ranging from simple business guides to in-depth company profiles. Whether it’s an infographic-based advertorial or an informative product launch, the team at Fever are equipped to deliver your message clearly and concisely. Our trusted copywriter can ensure your words and design work in harmony.

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