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Your packaging is the customer's first impression of your product, and first impressions count.

You’ve already invested time and effort into creating the perfect product. Now you need to package it in the right way. Even a well-painted masterpiece can be ruined by placing it in the wrong frame, so it’s important that you give your product the platform it deserves. In order to influence your consumers’ purchasing decisions, you have a short space of time to capture their attention and get noticed ahead of the competition. At Fever, we’re not only experts at packaging design, but we also understand the importance of material and construction, delivering concepts that adhere to modern standards of renewability. 

With retailers all seeking to maximise sales space, products are often situated in close proximity to their direct competitors. Successfully standing out from the crowd and drawing attention to your products is solely reliant on your product packaging. We can work with you to create the most effective packaging solution. We will take into account the environmental impact, cost, storage and shipping when considering the shape, dimensions and material of the packaging.

We love getting to know your product. Whether it’s a new face cream or a tasty chocolate bar (which we’re big fans of!), we love getting stuck into really finding out what goes into the product. This groundwork better enables us to create a range of packaging that instantly communicates your brand and product to the customer. 

Once your product is labelled, packaged and ready to go, it’s time to think about POS. Point-of-Sale is one of the key factors in product sales; poor product display can leave your products sitting on the shelf gathering dust. We offer practical, hands-on advice from concept through to print and construction.

On all packaging and POS projects, we collaborate closely with our partner printers, Greenfield Printing, enabling us to streamline the production process and solve potential issues before costly erroneous print runs.

Over the years, we’ve established great working relationships with clients whose products grace store shelves worldwide. If you’ve got a new product, we’d love to hear from you.

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